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Porcelain White-glazed vase with green spot
Stone graving
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6th year of Wuping's reign of the Northern Qi DynastyA.D.575

Unearthed at Anyang,Henan

Height: 22cm

Mouth diameter: 6.8cm

Foot diameter: 7cm

The vase is the earlistwhite-glazed porcelain in China so far. The production of whitechinaware started in the Northern Qi Dynasty . The techniquerequired for making white chinaware is more difficult than formaking green chinaware. The key factor in making white porcelain isthat the content of the iron element in the clay must be kept belowone percent. The production of white porcelain laid a solidfoundation for the production and prosperity of the variedcolourful porcelain in the later dynasties.