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Porcelain White porcelain figurine of attendant officials with black decoration
Stone graving
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15th year of Kaihuang's reign of the Sui DynastyA.D.595

Unearthed at Anyang,Henan

Height: 72cm 

The tomb of Zhang Sheng excavatedin 1959 yielded a large amount of cultural relics, among which over90 pieces of white chinaware were found. This group of whitechinaware are complete in variety, elegant in shape and pure inglaze, representing the high level of accomplishment in white wareproduction in the Sui Dynasty. The discovery of the Xiangzhou kilnat Anyang and the fine white chinaware Unearthed at tombs of theSui and Tang Dynasties suggest that Henan was once an importantbase of producing and consuming white chinaware.