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Bronze Duck-shape
Stone graving
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Type:   Decorative Art    

Measurements   Height: 25.2cm, Length:31.8cm  

Creator name: An artist named"Poo"    
Time period:   1100 BC - 771 B.C; WesternZhou   Function:   Winevessel  

Acquisition:   Unearthed at the tomb of the YingKingdom (Pingdingshan city, Henan)  in 1987.

With elaborate design, elegant shape, and clear inscriptions, itis not only a fancy artefact, but also an important clue inunderstanding the etiquette in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and thefriendly exchanges between Ying Kingdom and Xing Kingdom. It alsooffers evidence for the existence of the two kingdoms depicted inthe historical documents. Some experts regard the inscriptioninside this artefact as an early diplomatic history.