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Bronze Bronze animal-pattern You with a handle
Stone graving
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Type:   Decorative Art    

Measurements   Hight: 50cm, mouth diameter: 12cm, foot diameter: 16cm  

Time period: 1600 BC. - 1046 BC. Shang dynasty  

Function:   Wine vessel  

Acquisition: Unearthed at Shang Dynasty ruins, Zhengzhou, Henan in 1982 and acquired by the Henan Museum.  

The slender shape and exquisite workmanship of this object shows that the bronze casting techniques were quite mature at that time, and its magnificent and sumptuous decoration is regarded as a landmark breakthrough for the decoration art on the bronze wares, and setting a precedent for the sophisticated ornamentation on the bronze ware for the late Shang Dynasty. It is the earliest bronze You in all the archaeological finds up to now.