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Porcelain Sky blue glaze Ru Kiln vase with incised and applied decoration
Stone graving
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Type: Decorative Art  

Height:19.6cm; diameter of foot: 8.4cm; diameter ofmouth:5.8cm  

Time period: 960 - 1127; Northern Song Dynasty  

Function: Decorative.  

Acquisition: Unearthed at Qingliangsi,Baofeng county,Pingdingshan, Henan in 1987.  

Copyright: Museum Henan Museum

The Ru Kiln ranks the first among the five most famous Imperialkilns, or the official kilns in the Northern SongDynasty. Each RuImperial kiln porcelain is a rare treasure. The Ru kiln porcelainshanded down are absolutely rare around the world --- not more than150 pieces in total, of which, the sky blue ones of which there areonly five pieces in total, are the most precious. This one is thesole sky blue, incised swan-neck vase in the world. It is the soleobject acquired by excavation; the most rare in the world; andwithout equal in the whole world. And it is also one of the NineRepresentative Treasures of Henan Museum