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Ancient Jade Culture of Henan
Bronze Wares of Chu Kingdom
Highlights of Civilization in Ancient Central China
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The exhibits displayed inthis hall are the cream of jade articles produced during the nearly3000 years from the primitive society all the way down to the Mingand Qing Dynasties.
It expresses the rich implications of Central China's jadeculture. Of all the exhibits, those of the Xia, Shang and ZhouDynasties account for 70 percent. These ancient jade articles areindeed another wonder of the bronze age.
The exhibits here, according to their uses, are roughlyclassified into four categories, namely ritual jade, ornamentaljade, burial jade and jade for enjoyment. Among the exhibits, thejade spade of the Neolithic age, the jade weapons of the ShangDynasty, the group jade-pendants and various jade ornaments of theEastern and Western Zhou Dynasties, the jade clothes sewn with goldthread unearthed from the tomb of King Liang of the Han Dynastyetc., all express the double implication of ancient jade