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Special Exhibitions Turbaned head of a male
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This impressive male head possibly was part of a figure inattendance to a larger than life-size image of Yaksha (semi-divinebeing, usually of benevolent disposition).   Though anattendee in the folk composition, we can still discern the smilingcountenance, the court art tradition of the Mauryantimes.       The imposing turban ofthis image has considerably enhanced its majesticeffect.  

  The details of the turban are rendered in a ratherdistinctive and strikingly elegant manner. The hair, parted in themiddle, is carefully drawn at the back.     Adiadem of flowers is seen worn round thehead.     A conical crest in the centre of theheadband adds to its crowning glory.     Othernotable features rendered carefully are wide forehead, large emptyeyes, slightly protruding mouth, fleshy chicks and short stoutneck. His right ear is studded with thick plain ear-disc, whileleft ear is damaged.    

  The simplicity in the portrayal of the head withpronounced rendering has classified this image as unique example ofcourt-art of the Mauryan period.