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Buddha inbhumisparsha-mudra
8-th –9th Century A.D.
25.5 x 15 x 6 cm
Acc No. 00074
It is an interesting image carved in bold relief, depictingBuddha in the vajra-paryankasana attitude on avishva-padma ( double petalled lotus)   with hisright palm in the bhumisparsha-mudra. The stele at the backis tapering and supporting an ovalish nimbus carved with branchesof Bodhi tree. Attired in a long antaravasa (with aportion spread like a fan on the seat) and an uttarasangaworn in an upaviti fashion which leaves his right chest,shoulder and arm bare. A circular urna on the forehead, halfclosed eyes and benign meditative expression indicate serenecontemplative mode.    
  The soles of his feet and visible left palm bearlotus-shaped marks.   The hair is arranged like pellets,with gentle usnisha projection.   Elongatedear-lobes, auspicious lines round the neck and luxuriant leaves ofBodhi tree deserve mention.