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A narrative from the epic Ramayana
5th-6th Century A.D
72 x 10 x 45 cm
ACC NO:   NC-17/02
There are examples of narrative scenes drawn from the IndianEpics for decorating the temple walls. The site at Nachana and itsenvirons has reported some of the best narrative panels from thegreat epic Ramayana. The panels depict the events after Rama’sexile from Ayodhya wherein classified episodes pertaining toRavana’s stealthy visit to Dandaka forest and abduction of Sitahave been composed effectively.   The content ofnarrative was conceptualized to focus the key event on a sculpturedcanvas to communicate with the masses.
The present episode is a part of an event which occurred justbefore the abduction of Sita, the wife of Rama. Here Sita andLakshmana are shown seated in the backdrop of Panchvati grove whenRama had gone to prey an illusionary golden deer- Marichi at thebehest of Sita.   Rama had apprehension of the abductionof Sita, hence he made his brother Lakshamna, to guard her from alleventualities. But the wily deer knew his plan with his conjuringpowers. When Marichi was transfixed by Rama’s arrow he cried out inthe voice of Rama, “Oh, Lakshamana, save me !” Sita heard the cryand entreated Lakshmana to rush to his brother’s rescue. Lakshmanawas unwilling to leave, knowing the charms of Marichi, but yieldedto her earnestness and she was left alone.
The first part of conversation between Sita and Lakshmana canbe seen on the left side of the panel. Next to this, Sita is seenpushing Laksmana with her left hand while Lakshmana in distress hascovered his ears when impersonal remarks were uttered by Sita, ashe was not willing to leave. Ultimately, Lakshmana is shown movingaway reluctantly from the scene, entrusting Sita to the protectionof forest deities.
The above narrative has been able to communicate the storylineprecisely with sustained elegance and depth of feelings, expressedwith utmost simplicity.