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Tara in Varada Mudra
9th –10th CenturyA.D
31 x 16 x 9 cm
Acc No. 267
The goddess Tara is the spiritual consort of the Dhyani BuddhaAmoghasiddhi.   At times, with the change of function,she has been associated with Dhayani Buddha Amitabha.  
The present representation of Tara is ichnographicallycomparable with the accession number 137.   She is seatedin lalitasana on a double petalled lotus with her suspendedright foot resting on a second lotus.   The goddess withher oval face, half closed eyes and elongated body carries stalk ofutpala with her left hand while her right hand is invarada-mudra.
The half closed eyes make the facial expression moreintrospective.   She is dressed in a long diaphanous sariand a folded uttariya, and adorned with necklace, armlets,bangles and girdle.   Her hair is tied by a string andarranged on the crown like a bun.   Her graceful bodycontours have been treated realistically. Behind the head is anoval halo jutted into an aureole.   Near the right footof the deity is a kneeling devotee with folded hands.