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Current “Classical and Aestheticism------ Simon Foundation Sculpture and Painting Collection” Exhibition Opens in Henan Museum
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 the scene of the opening ceremony 
Yang Liping,the top leader of the Cultural Department of Henan Province makes a speech.



Antoine-Louis Barye (1796-1875)


Bronze, brown-green patina

50.8 x 42 x 33.1 cm

Signed: BARYE (on the base at the front, left side)

Stamped with foundry seal: CIRE PERDUE LE BLANK-BARBEDIENNE PARIS (on the base at the front, left side)

Guillaume Seignac (1870-1924)


Oil on canvas

145 x 82 cm (without frame), 175 x 112 x 12 cm (with frame)

Signed: G-SEIGNAC (lower right)