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On Dec 21, Chinese singer Li Yugang announced on social media that he has become an apprentice of artist Han Meilin. 

The 80-year-old Chinese artist Han, who is known for his designs of Fu Wa mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, held his solo exhibition, The World of Han Meilin, in Beijing to celebrate his 80th birthday, which falls on Dec 26. 

Li is looking to learn about ancient Chinese characters and folk arts and crafts from Han. 

Li, 38, launched his latest tour in Beijing on Dec 17 to mark a decade of his career and invited Han to the show. Next year, Li will hold shows in the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Chengdu, and in Toronto and Sydney. 

The singer, who rose to fame in 2006 by performing at CCTV's singing competition, Star Boulevard, has long been interested in traditional Chinese culture.