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National News Chinese white international porcelain contest held in Fujian
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Chinese white international porcelain contest held in Fujian


A white porcelain statue of the drunken concumbine Yang Yuhuan from Dehua county. 

The first international porcelain contest, "Chinese white", was held in Dehua county in Fujian province recently.

Porcelain made in Dehua county is famous for its shiny, snow-white color. It is as thin as paper and can produce the sound of chimes when tapped. As early as the Song and Yuan dynasties (960-1368), Dehua porcelain had become one of the main export commodities sent to Europe through the Maritime Silk Road.

The decision to hold the contest every other year was finalized at the first China-France Culture Forum in May 2016. It aimed to provide a platform for artists from both countries to communicate and exchange ideas in the field of porcelain arts.

About a dozen artists will arrive at Dehua on March 1 for a seven-month visit where they will create porcelain art. The outstanding works will go on show in France in September.