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National News Man makes astounding shell sculptures of Qingdao buildings
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Man makes astounding shell sculptures of Qingdao buildings.


Ji’s Qingdao Guest House sculpture, made with over 300,000 pieces of shells, in 2018. 

A Qingdao citizen has created many shell sculptures of Qingdao's centuries-old buildings over the past 30 years. He wants to express the idea of environmental protection and also beautify people's lives by making these sculptures.

Some of the buildings with sculpture models by Ji Zhoutong are the Qingdao Huashi Building, Qingdao Guest House, Qingdao Protestant Church, St. Michael's Cathedral, Jiaozhou Governor's Hall, Zhan Bridge, the old Qingdao City Hall and the old Qingdao Railway Station.

The sculptures are almost lifelike in appearance. Qingdao Guest House is the largest one, with a ratio of 1:100, a four-level main building and a four-level attached building, as well as semi-underground rooms.