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Internal News Book Listed as 2017 One of the Best Ten Book of Cultural Heritage of China
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On May 25, the book Who Tune the Instruments for New Melody--Musical Instruments Uncovered Along Silk Road compiled by Henan Museum is named as “2017 Top Ten Books on National Cultural Heritage” from the 532 categories.

Exclusively on the musical instrument artifacts spanning from the Neolithic age to Tang dynasty, and including the detailed information of each object, such as the name, size, age, and the place it was unearthed, the book is compiled for the exhibition entitled with Who Tune the Instruments for New Melody--Musical Instruments Uncovered Along Silk Road jointly hosted by Henan Museum and Luoyang Museum. Except for the basic information about the objects, the book also offers the fundamental analysis on the significance and value historically, scientifically, as well as music artistically, and systemically illustrates the music cultural history of development and inheritance along the silk road, not only spreading the musical culture of silk road, but also demonstrating the diverse, multiple spiritual pursuit of the ancients in China in the course of cultural exchanges, inclusion, and confrontation. What’s more, three essays on music archaeology, Buddhist performing arts were included in the book, which are informative and convincing, representing the universality of the study on the Silk Road musical culture.

Interestingly, the book, features numerous high-defination images and texts, is published in diverse formats, by scanning the QR codes on the pages with their hand-held terminals, readers can watch the performing clips of the various musical instruments including bone flute, pottery ocarina, Se, bianzhong, playing on the galleries computers of the museum as well as the video clips of the revived ancient music played with Huteng dance, Shang Shan Si Hao, Rui Zhe Gu, etc, which displaying the charm and fascination of the ancient musics of Silk Road lasting for over one thousand years. The book is an extension of the exhibition. The 2017 Top Ten Books of Cultural Heritage is organized by the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics and Cultural Relics Press of China, with coordination of Humanity and Archaeology Bookstore.