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Exhibition of A Great Variety of Dings(tripod cauldron)
With the cooperation from about 30 prestigious museums in China, Henan Museum host the unprecedented Ding-themed exhibition, which features nearly 140 pieces/sets Ding(tripod cauldron) of diversified medium, unearthed or survived in China with time span from the Neolithic Age to Qing Dynasty.
Weekly Selection
Basin with Bluish Green Glaze
This basin with bluish green glaze is a porcelain vessel dating from the Song Dynasty. It is 5 cm high and 17.5 cm in diameter, weighing 350 g. It was unearthed from a Song tomb at Shilipu Village in Qiling Township, Ruzhou City in 1981 and is now housed in the Ru Porcelain Museum in Ruzhou City.