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Institute of Relics andArchaeology,Zhengahou,
Textile Unearthed at Qingtai Site of Henan Province(1)

Zhang Songlin and Gao Hanyu,
Observation on the Materials Unearthed from QingtaiSite(10) 

Zhang Huaiyin,Ren Minlu and NingJianmin,
Preliminary Analysis to Remains of Yangshao Culture inZhudingyuan(Zhuding Plateau)(17 )

Nan Haisen,
First Dragon in China and the Totem Worship(21) 

Zhao Zhiquan,
More Opinion on the Beginning Time of the Shang WalledCity in Yanshi(24)

Zhao Chao,
The Holding-Banner Picture in the Stone Relief Unearthedin Tengzhou and the Release Rites in Funeral(34)

Liu Jinglong,
New Opinion on the Date of Longmen Grotto(39)

Yuqi Zhangyi,
The Unearthed Tri-Coloured Glazed Pottery of the TangDynasty Japan (43)

Li Shuqian,
The Bronze Mirror With Special Techniques in SanmenxiaArea of Tang Dynasty (54)

Quan Kuishan,
The Formation of Jun Kilns and Its Influences(59)

Du Qiming,
On the Modulus and Criterion of Architectural DesignShowed in the Construction Rules (Ying Zao Fa Shi)of SongDynasty(66)

Sun Yingmin,
Paper Currency of qing Dynasty in Henan Province(78)

Yin Zhiqing,
Chinese Cultural Relics that are Claimed as the NationalTreasures of Japan(82)

Tian Kai,
Chats on the Exhibition of the Twilight from the AncientHenan Culture(102)

Liu Kang,
Thoughts on How to Improve the Quality of Exhibition inthe Museum(107)

Wang Minying,
World of Dinosaur: Design and Preparation(111)