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Li Zhenhong,
The medicine treatment and sanitation condition of theSoldiers in the Juyan Garrison of Han Dynasty(63)
Yang Zefeng,
Approaching the Usage of Yi According to Fresco Tomb of YuanDynasty in Pucheng(71)
Ren Changzhong,
50 Years of Museum Works in Henan Province(88)
Ding Fuli,
New Task and Opportunity to Develop the Educational Functionof Museum: A Preliminary Thinking on How Can Museum Take Part inthe Ability Education of School Reform(93)
Zeng Guangqing,
The Improving Role of Community: A Change of the EducationalFunction of Museum(96)
Tie Fude, Liu Bing and Yu Luji,
The Current Condition of Cultural Eritage Protection in theWorld (100)