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Excavation of the Paleolithic Site in Honggou, GongyiCity by Gongyi Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics andHeluo Culture Institute of Henan Academy of Social Science

On the Three Prehistoric Cultural Areas of the Huanghe RiverValley by Ma Shizhi

On Several Problems of the Neolithic Age in China by WuXiaoping,

On the Stages and Local Types of Yueshi Culture by ZhangChuilian,

On the Status and Affections of the Sanmao Race and Culturein the Course of Chinese Civilization by Fan Li

Study of the Cultural Remains of the Shang Dynasty inZhouyuan Site by Zhang Tianen,

A Preliminary Study of the Round Building Foundations Natureof the Shang City in Dongxiafeng by Cheng Pingsan and ZhouJun

Differentiation the Palaces Name From the Round BuildingSites of the Han and Wei City in Luoyang Qian Guoxiang by QianGuoxiang