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Cultural Relics Of Central China
       Updated:2006-05-24      Text:Large /  Medium  /  Small  
"Cultural Relics of theCentral Plains" is an academic journal (quarterly) sponsored byHenan Museum concerning cultural relics archeology and museology.It aims at carrying forward China's civilization and promotingacademic prosperity. Having its base on the Central Plains, itserves readers both at home and abroad. Through the development ofthe past more than 20 years, the journal has become an importantbase for academic research, functioning as a bridge connectingarcheologists and cultural relics amateurs both inside and outsideChina. Therefore, taking the   occasion when Henan Museumenters the Internet, we are sincerely seeking cooperation andsupport from our colleagues and friends both at home and abroad. Weare looking forward to meeting you on Internet. Let's join ourefforts in attaining our common goals.