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Xinzheng Work Station of Henan Institution of CulturalRelics and Archaeology,
Several Tang Tombs Excavated at the Old City of Zheng and HanStates in Xinzheng City(6)
Zhang Deshui,
On the Meetings of Exploring the Origin of Archaeology andHistory——Conformity of Archaeology and History(12)
Ma Shizhi,
On the Capitals During the Yu Shun Reign(24)
Li Shaolian,
On the Northern Area of the Activity of Huangdi Tribe(21)
Luo Kun,
The Pedigree of You Yu Clan(28)
Zhou Shucan,
The Quality and Relative Questions of the City Site ofLongshan Period at Guchengzhai Site in Xinmi city(33)
Zhang Weilian,
Climate Change and Shang People Moving to the South(37)
Hao Daohua,
On the History and Geography of the Qi State(52)
Wang Changfeng,
On the Location of Bing State(65)
Zhao Lichun,
On the Archaeological Material of Monk Huiguang Discovered atYecheng Area(69)
Li Zhirong,
On the Architectural System and the Ruins of the Neixiang LocalMagistrate’s Office(77)