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Wu yaoli
Studies on the Mode of the Origins of civilization from theConformity of Archaeology and History
Xu Lianggao
Several Questions on the Research on the early civilization ofChina
Wang Shuming,
On the Scored Patterns on the Bottorm of the Bowls of ShuangdunCulture and the Characters on the Pottery Zun of DawenkouCulture
Cao Jun,
Relations on the Maqiao Cuture and the Culture of Xia andShang dynasties of Central Area
Zhao Shigang,
On the Origins and Spread of the Fine-toothed Comb Pattern
Zhang Yingqiao,
On the Ages of the M3 and M4 Unearthed at Qianzhangda Site in TengCounty in Shandong Province
Chen Juan,
Preliminary Analyses on the Silver Ting of the Department ofSalt in Xie County of Jin Dynasty
Ma Xiaolin,Li Xinwei and Yang Haiqing,
Pilot Studies on the Jades Unearthed at the cemetery of XipoSite of Yangshao Culture in Lingbao County
Li Quanli and Zhang Xiaohong,
On the Jades of Shang and Zhou dynasties Unearthed in ZhoukouCity
Wang Jingquan,
Studies on the Statue Monuments in Liubei Temple
Zhou Gaoliang and Lv Jun,
On the Theories and Practices of the Collective Management of20 Century