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Guo Hongtao and Zhao Huijun,

An Excavation of Three Tomb of Tang Dynasty at Yanshi City,Henan Province(4)

Zheng Jiexiang,

On the Culture of Huiwei Type and King Hai Raising Cattle(17)

Xu Zhaofeng And Li Lina,

A Study of the Route and the Background of Dynasy CultureSpreading Northward between Xia and Shang Dynasties (22)

Pang Xiaoxia and Gao Jiangtao,

A Preliminary Study of the Shang Culture Spreading Eastward ofLate Shang Period(29)

Suo Quanxing,

The Stone tool with a Square Hole is a Kind of AncientInstrument(35)

Hou Yanfeng, Li Suting, Ma Xiaolin and Sun Lei,

The Exploitation of Animal Resources at the Site of Zhangdeng inAnyang(38)

Li Xiandeng,

An Simple Explaination on the Social Founction of the AnimalPattern on the Bronze of Shang and Zhou Dynasties(48)

Liu Qiyi,

A Continued Record of the Chronological Bronzes of the Period ofKing Yi of Western Zhou Dynasty(51)

Wang Longzheng, Liu Xiaohong and Cao Guopeng,

An Explaination on the Inscription of the Newly DiscoveriedBronze Gui, Whose Owner is Jiangong, a Marquis of YingState(54)

Wen Yucheng,

A Note on the Investigation of the Statue Tablet of SanshiBuddha at Wanjunshan Mountain, Qianan county, HebeiProvince(66)


A Study of the offerer in Buddhist Statues in China(74)

Chen Longwen,

A Study of the Change of Hulao Pass(89)