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The latest issue No.6,2009
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Wuxi Archaeology Institution and the Others,
Excavation of Biegaishan Tombs of Danjiangkou ReservoirArea(4)
Li Guige,
Excavation of Deng Kiln and Deng Porcelain at Neixiang inHenan(22)
Zhengzhou Institution of Cultural Relics and Archaeology,
Excavation of Tombs of Song and Jin Dynasties inZhengzhou(29)
Han Xianghua,
On the Times of the Pottery Workshop of the Shang city inZhengzhou(39)
Li Weiming,
Documents on Bo place in Zhengzhou(44)
Zhang Yong,
On the Times of the Han Tomb at Yangguansi in Nanyang(50)
Liu Zheng,
New View on the Circle Pattern of Gansu and QinghaiRegions(55)
Wang Entian,
On the Words “ ”and “ ” Related to the Country Name of Yin Dynasty(60)
Feng Shi,
On the Inscriptions of Huafuren Ding(64)
Xue Ruize,
On the Scope of Application of Chengdanchong Penalty Based onUnearthed Documents(67)
Mao Yangguang,
Explanation on the Four Epitaphs of Sogdian of Tang DynastyExcavated at Luoyang(74)
Cheng Feng,
New View of Hometown of Han Yu in Tang Dynasty(81)
Li Yuanzhi and Cao Guopeng,
On the Inscription and Times Collected by Yexian Museum and PolyArt Museum(105)