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Zhengzhou Municipal Cultural Relics Institute,
Excavation of No.429 Tomb at Tieling in Xinzheng (4)

Xuchang Municipal Archaeological Team,
Excavation of the Tomb of the Jin Dynasty at Wenfeng Road inXuchang (8)

Shao Wenwu,
On the Two Cultural Tradition of Paleolithic Culture in North China(16)

Chen Jie,
Historical Opinion of Civilization From View of Cultural Ecology:Comparative Study Between Central Plains and Taihu Area (21)

Jin Songan,
Questions of 3rd Period of Wangwan Culture Expanding Southward(31)

Tian Shuai,
On Bronze Ding of the 42nd Year Lai and Wars Between Zhou Dynastyand Xianyun Tribe (39)

Zhu Heping and Tan Yuanyuan,
On Types of Plaque of Hun Tribes (45)

Huang Ruxuan,
On Evolution of Liubo chessboard (52)

Luo Huojin and Zhang Changjie,
On the Epitaph of Lu Zhenqi in Tang Dynasty and Liang Dynasty(66)

Dong Yawei,
Piece-Mould Casting Simulation Experiment of Round Bronze Zun inEarly Zhou Dynasty (80)

Feng Rui, Li Xiandeng,Tian Kai and Wu Yuxia,
On Invention, being lost and Historical Inheritance of Zhang Heng’sSeismometer(88)