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Huaibei Museum,
Excavation of Large-Sized Drain System in Xiang City from WarringStates Period to Han Dynasty in Huaibei city of Anhui Province(4)

Jilin Provincial Institution of Cultural Relics andArchaeology,
Excavation of Two Brick-Chambered Tombs of Yongan Site ( 13)

Yan Wenming,
On Means of Settlement Archaeology ( 19)

Qian Yaopeng,
On Anatomical Excavation and its Significance to Study ofSettlement Archaeology (23)

Zhao Chunqing and Zhang Songlin,
Retrospect and Prospect of Settlement Archaeology in Xinzhai:Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Xinzhai Site ( 30)

Zhang Xiulong, Wu Wenxiang and Zhou Yang,
Review of the Western Theories about the Origins of Agriculture(36)

Liu Yuan,
On Salt Manufacturing in the Capital of Yin Dynasty (46)

Wang Jianjun,
On “Shi( )” Sacrifice of the Oracle Inscriptions of Huadongzi(54)
Wang Changjiang,

On Basic Principle of Deciding Cases by the Truth Based onBamboo Slips of Qin and Han Dynasties ( 71)

Chen Genyuan,
On Two Official Seals in Li Zicheng Regime (97 )

Huang Jianqiu,
New Means of Identifying Kinship of Skeletons by Measuring DentalCrown (103 )