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Xuzhou Museum,

An Excavation of a Tomb ofNorthern Qi Dynasty at Chuyue Villa, Xuzhou City, JiangsuProvince      


Dong Jianli,

An Investigation of a KilnSite at Cicun, Zibo City, Shangdong Province


Yan Yalin,

The Changes of Culture Pattern of the Neolithic Age in the HuangheValley and the Trends of the Tube-shaped Jar System


Guo Jingyun,

Hypothesis of the Originof the Image of the Dragon in Pre-historic Beliefs


Xu Shunzhan,

A Study of the SettlementGroup of Taosi Type in Linfen


Xu Zhaofen,

A Study of Stone-walledCity Sites of Xiajiadian Culture


Zhang Guoshuo,

On a Statement of XiaDynasty Fabricated in Zhou Dynasty


Wei Xinying,

A Restudy of Jiji RectangularZun


Geng Chao,

A Preliminary Study of Sizhao Fu and RelatedProblems


He Hui,

A Study of AvalokiteshvaraStatuesat Bazhong Grotto


Han Xiunan,

On the Tomb andPagoda


Zhang Weixing,

Discuss on the Idea of the Mausoleum System Research and SymbolResearch of the Qin-Han Mausoleum