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Notice for Free Visiting
1、Opening Hours: 9:00—17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. No admittance after 16:00. Exhibition Hall is closed at 17:00 each day and closed every Monday except national holidays.
2、Visitors are supposed to line up with  valid certificates like ID, student ID etc. at the Ticket Office on the east side of the main gate in the court. Tourist groups should make reservations at least  48 hours in advance (Tel: 0371-63511237,63511239), and then the staff of the museum will arrange for their visit. In addition, tourist groups are supposed to get the tickets at the Reservation Office, with their invitation letters or letters of recommendation. Tickets are effective only on the day of issue; visitors are to enter the museum through the front entrance.
3、In order to keep the antiques safe and the exhibition hall quiet, the number of visitors is limited under 5,000 per day, 3,000 in the morning and 2,000 in the afternoon.

4、Children below school age and primary students should be accompanied by adults when visiting; senior citizens and the disabled should be accompanied by their relatives. No admittance for the indecently dressed (no short-shorts or tube-tops), people with psychiatric problems, drunkards, visitors with explosives or pets. Senior citizens and the disabled etc. who need special treatment should orally inform the clerks of their situation, and will then get visiting priority.
5、Big luggage is not allowed in the exhibition hall. Please leave luggage in the depositary at the west of the main gate. Small bags can be carried with visitors or put into the Auto-lockers at the main entrance (free of charge).
6、In the exhibition hall, no flash photography, smoking, mobile phones, or loud noises are allowed.
7、See to it that the environmental sanitation is well preserved. No spitting and no littering. Exhibits, facilities and other public services, trees and flowers and lawn should be well protected. Any damage will be paid for. Anyone will compensate for the damages made by he himself or she herself according to the price of the damaged thing and bear the legal liability.
8、The charges are under the standards set by the Office Price Stabilization. They include temporary exhibition from by other places or other museums, guide service, interpreters, parking etc. The visitors have a large range of choices.                                                          

Notice for Lodgment
1、Big luggage can be left in the depositary, the charge is 10RMB/perday, 9:00am—17:00pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
2、No lodgment of dangerous things such as explosives or flammable items.   If you are asked if there are explosives or flammable items in your luggage, tell the truth.  
3、Please carry valuables with you; we accept no responsibility for the loss of anything.
4、Please take care of breakables and perishables.
5、Please keep the depository card with you, for you can get your luggage with the card. We hold no responsibility for the loss of anything if you lose your depository card.
6、Please check your luggage immediately after retrieving it, and return the lodgment ard. We accept no responsibility for the loss of anything after you leave the luggage port.

7、Interpreting fees:

Senior Chinese Interpreter:100 Yuan
Outstanding  Chinese Interpreter:80 Yuan
Ordinary Chinese Interpreter::60 Yuan

English Interpreter:120 Yuan

Audio Description Guide:
With 3 Languages available at present at the reception desk: Chinese, English, and Japanese.

8、Facilities for the Disabled:
At the entrance of the hall, there are wheelchairs available, asking the reception desk for help, and there  are lifts and  a special passage   for the disabled.