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The Third Online Contest over the Knowledge on the Central Plains Artifacts

Sponsored by: Henan Museum

History School of Zhengzhou University

History &and Culture School of Henan University

Supporting media: Tencent(http://www.qq.com),


Duration: Apr.2, 2015--- May.18, 2015

Awarding date: the Cultural Heritage Day of China (Jun. 13, 2015)

Venue: Henan Museum

How to participate:

1.Log in the software Webchat, by following the Official Account “Contest over Central Plains Artifacts”

2.Answering the online questions on the website of Henan Museum to participate the contest, alternatively, send you answers to our email box: meizhouyipin@chnmus.net

3.Requirements: please correctly fill in your name, age, occupation, region, and contact information

4.Awards: we have various awards for the participants, such as Excellent Answer Award, Inferring Talents Award, The Best Imagination Award, The Best Pupil Award, etc.

5.Prizes: winners will get the exquisite cultural souvenir by Henan Museum, and have the chance to obtain the iphone 6 by drawing the answer sheet, 3 sets in total. On the award-giving ceremony, more 3 sets of iphone 6 will be presented to the attendees (except for the above-mentioned prize-winners) on the site by drawing lots.

Consulting phone:0371-63511183

Henan Museum has the final interpretation authority for this contest.

Henan Museum sincerely invite you to “going back to history”, “verifying the history”, “inferring the history”!

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