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Jiaodou Vessel with a Dragon Head and a Phoenix Tail
The bronze jiaodou vessel with a dragon head and a phoenix tail is an article for daily use of the Song Dynasty. It measures 17.00cm high at the tail, 25.00cm in overall height, 16.00cm high at the mouth and 15.00cm wide in diameter at the mouth. The legs measure 9.00cm in height. Unearthed from the Yangmiao Production Brigade, Dancheng County, Henan Province, the jiaodou vessel is now in the collection of Henan Museum.
In the history of mankind, Chinese civilization has been shining for its uniqueness, and continuing to this very day with vigor and vitality. Being a prominent birthplace of Chinese civilization ....>>Details
Name:Gu Huakai
About the Writer: Gu Huakai, museologist and vice director of the Information Administration Dept.of Henan Museum, works at rearshing on museology and protection of the intangible heritage.
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The bronze jiaodou vessel with a dragon head and a phoenix tail features a round belly. The end of the curved handle is made into a dragon head, its eyes popping out and its mouth slightly open. There are palpi on its chin. Its horns bend backward into a pair of arched perforations. The long handle is welded to the vessel’s belly.

There is a U-shaped spout on one side of the flared rim of mouth. String pattern goes around the lower part of the plain straight belly that features a flat bottom. The vessel has a phoenix tail at the rear, slightly turning upward, on which there is a semi-circular loop handle (Fig.1). The three hoof-shaped legs all flare out and are inscribed with characters “Li”, “Bao” and “Ji”, respectively. (Fig.2)

Fig.1 Top view of the jiaodou vessel
Fig.2 Bottom of the jiaodou vessel

Well preserved, fully covered by patina, and with obvious traces of soot on its belly and bottom, the bronze jiaodou vessel looks elegant in shape and features superb craftsmanship, is a rare treasure of the category in the Song Dynasty.