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Ru Kiln Azure glazed Goose Neck Vase with Engraved Designs
This azure-glazed goose neck vase with engraved designs was crafted at the Ru Kiln during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD). Being a stoneware, it has a height of 19.5 cm, a mouth diameter of 5.6 cm, and a base diameter of 8.2 cm. It was unearthed from a hoard near the kiln site at Qingliangsi Village in Baofeng County, Henan Province in November 1987.
In the history of mankind, Chinese civilization has been shining for its uniqueness, and continuing to this very day with vigor and vitality. Being a prominent birthplace of Chinese civilization ....>>Details
Name:Guo Canjiang
About the Writer: Vice director and researcher of the Collections Administration Dept. of Henan Museum, he is devoted to the administraion and research of the collected ceramics,esp. the unearthed burial articles of Han dynasty, as well as the ceramics unearthed in Henan province
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This vase has an everted mouth, a long and slim neck, a round and bulging belly, and a ring base. It is engraved with two sets of plucked lotus design, one on top of the other, on the neck and the belly respectively (Fig. 2). The vessel is fully coated with an even, clear and shiny layer of azure glaze with an elegant pattern of crackle. The unglazed ring foot, attached with fine grains of sand, revealing the ashen body, implies that the vessel was fired while standing on a pad. Ru Kiln was one of the five most famous kilns during the Song Dynasty. Its products excelled in the color of glaze. In particular, the glaze of the celadon ware it produced exclusively for the imperial court, being as shiny and smooth as "piled fat", is prized for its jade-like beauty among connoisseurs of porcelain.
Fig. 2