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Jade Thumb Ring Pendant
The jade thumb-ring pendant, crafted in the Western Han Dynasty, is 7.4cm long, 4cm wide and 0.5cm thick. Unearthed from Xishan Han Tomb at Mangshan Town, Yongcheng City, Henan Province, it is now in the collection of Henan Museum.
In the history of mankind, Chinese civilization has been shining for its uniqueness, and continuing to this very day with vigor and vitality. Being a prominent birthplace of Chinese civilization ....>>Details
Name:Liu Fang
Wu Ge
About the Writer: Liu Fang, a postgraduate from History & Culture academy of Shanxi University, majors at Chinese Ancient History, Master degree, works in the head office of Henan Museum.
Wu Ge: Graduated from Manchester University with a bachelor's degree of law, now working as a clerk at Henan Museum
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The Mangshan Mountains, located over 30km to the northeast of Yongcheng County, Henan Province, covering an area of more than 20 square kilometers, is the collective name for Mangdang Mountain, Bao'an Mountain, Xishan Mountain, Huangtu (lit. “Loess”) Mountain, Tiejiao (lit. “Iron Horn”) Mountain, Fuzi Mountain, etc. In ancient times, it was known as the Dangshan Mountains. In the Western Han Dynasty, it was in the territory of the Kingdom of Liang. The tombs of King Xiao of Liang’s royal family scatter on the mountains of the range. Xishan Tomb is located on the east of the peak of Xishan Mountain. In 1986, it was excavated and identified by Shangqiu Prefectural Museum as the tomb of a king of Liang in the later years of the Western Han Dynasty. Because by then the strength of its fiefs had been weakened, it was much inferior to King Xiao of Liang’s Tomb in scale. Burial objects unearthed were mostly weapons and ritual vessels. There were also a large number of exquisite jade artefacts including a suit of jade pieces tied together with gold wire, jade bi, jade sword ornaments, jade pendants, etc. This jade thumb-ring pendant, made of white jade, is 7.4cm long, 4cm wide and 0.5cm thick. Oval and flat in shape, it has a round hole at the centre. With one surface slightly convex and the other slightly concave, it is incised with “continuous clouds” on the surfaces and decorated on both sides with “flowing clouds” in openwork relief, on which there are incised “cirrus clouds”. This jade pendant, exquisitely carved with superb techniques, is representative in form of thumb-ring pendants in the late Western Han Dynasty.