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“The metal takes lead among Bayin (eight categories of musical instrument in ancient orchestra: metal, stone, string, bamboo, gourd, clay, leather, and wood).”
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Chime Bells of Wangsun Gao, from the Springand Autumn Period, unearthed at the Chu Tomb, Xiasi,Xichuan
“The metal takes lead among Bayin (eight categoriesof musical instrument in ancient orchestra: metal, stone, string,bamboo, gourd, clay, leather, and wood).” These kinds of ritualmusical instruments, of which the amount and the size manifest thestatue of the host, were indispensable during the royal fetes andbanquets in the Shang and Zhou Dynasty. These bronze percussioninstruments were made produced more and more complicated andnumerous, evolving from just bronze bells in Xia Dynasty3000-year-ago, to bronze cymbals in Shang Dynasty. They became BoBells in the Western Zhou. And in the Eastern Zhou they developedinto many different kinds of bells.

Serial bells were the court musical instruments of pre-Qinperiods, as well symbols of the ancient emperors’ power. WangSunhao Serial Bells, with 26 horns, are the largest quantity,biggest size, broadest diapason, made of the most fabulous timbre,all of   which contribute to the mysterious atmosphere,with their penetrating power and the tone sounding boundless glory,of the temples of Chu Emperor 2500 years ago. Wang Sunhao SerialBells were double tone bells. Both its obverse part and the lateralcan make to sound simultaneously producing harmonious notes of ascale in intervals of thirds. Its diapason spans four and a halfoctaves. This technique had been broadly applied during the Springand Autumn Period. Prince Zhu Zai put forward the Twelve Laws ofthe Average. The Wang Sunhao Serial Bells are clear proof of hisideas. They epitomize stateliness, primitive simplicity,resplendence and great atmosphere of the royalty life. On thebells, there is an inscription made up of 133 characters, whichsays: Wang Sunhao made the serial bells to greet the Chu Emperor.These vassals, honorable guests, father and elder brothers, are tolast for ever and ensure our immortality.