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0218   New Palace Museum gallery of treasures to open before holidays
The Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, served as China’s imperial palace from 1420 until 1911. It houses 1.86 million cultural relics. Only 400 of the most outstanding artifacts -- such as royal jewels, gold and silver articles, and jades -- have earned a place in the Treasure Gallery, which opened in the Palace of Peace and Longevity area in the Forbidden City in 1958.
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0218   ​China's culture sector, related businesses grow 8.2 percent year-on-year in 2018
The total revenue of the culture sector and related businesses hit 8.93 trillion yuan (about $1.33 trillion), up 8.2 percent year-on-year, according to an NBS survey over 60,000 enterprises of scale in China.
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Editorial:In the history of mankind, Chinese civilization has been shining for its uniqueness, and continuing to this very day with vigor and vitality.Being a prominent birthplace of Chinese civilization,the central plains of China, is rich in historical heritages and cultural relics, ....>>Details
   welcome to Henan museum
The "2nd Central China International Ceramics Biennale" will be held in Ruzhou city, Henan province
Exhibition of A Great Variety of Dings(tripod cauldron)
With the cooperation from about 30 prestigious museums in China, Henan Museum host the unprecedented Ding-themed exhibition, which features nearly 140 pieces/sets Ding(tripod cauldron) of diversified medium, unearthed or survived in China with time span from the Neolithic Age to Qing Dynasty.
“Classical and Aestheticism------ Simon Foundation Sculpture and Painting Collection” Exhibition Opens in Henan Museum
“Classical and Aestheticism------ Simon Foundation Collection Exhibition”was held in Henan Museum on Sept.4, 2012. The exhibition was jointly held by Simon Foundation, Henan Museum, China Century Altar, Global Art Gallery, Shenzhen Museum and another four domestic museums.
Visiting Huaxia Orchestra   Collections
Gray Pottery Xun
Xun is one of China's earliest wind instruments, and this piece was produced with the pottery excavated at the Yin Ruins, Anyang. According to ancient records, “Fuxi, the mythical first ruler of China, made Xun by burning clay. This story indicates that the instrument emerged in the remote era of the Three August Ones and the Five Emperors.
Wooden Drum with Tiger-shaped Stand
In the remote antiquity, the most frequently used percussion instrument was the drum. It is said the drum was invented by the Yellow Emperor. The story goes, when the Yellow Emperor was at war with Chiyou, he had 80 grand drums fashioned and ordered them to chorus, and the terrible sound of the deadening drums struck terror into the Chiyou people. The Wooden Drum with a Tiger-shaped Stand, the Wooden Drum with Phoenix-shaped Rack, and the Tiger-shaped Stand are the replicas of drums unearthed at a Tomb of the Warring States Period, Changtaiguan, Xinyang, Henan Province. Each drum stand consists of two crouching tigers positioned back-to-back. The tigers, are yellow-, red- and brown-colored, and decorated in a bear scale and cloud patterns. The drum rack is in the shape of a phoenix’s claw and is connected to the tigers’ back. It is a cloud-patterned bass drum of black and red, which is made from tung wood. The tall Wooden Drum with a Tiger-shaped Stand and the Wooden Drum with Phoenix-shaped Rack and Tiger-shaped Stand are the most conspicuous of the imitated antique musical instruments.