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Bronze Duo bell inscribed with Yang Zi Bo Shou
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2020.12.10 15:02:49

Measurements: 11.3 cm in length, 6.8 cm in mouth width, 0.2 Kg in weight
Period: Late Spring and Autumn (558--475 BCE)
Provenance: Unearthed at Zuozhuang village, Yuehe township, Tongbai county, Henan province,1994.

Duo bell, a military musical instrument, emerged circa 1000 B.C, the book Rites of Zhou states that the duo bell was played with drum to signal military orders. Of oval form, duo bell, resembling yong bell in shape, falls into two types, clappered and clapperless, the former produce sound while being swayed, the latter by striking. The current piece is a clapperless one with inscriptions and Panchi (coiled dragon) patterns on the obverse side and reverse side. As the burial object in the mausoleum of the king of Yang State in the Spring and Autumn period, it demonstrates the majesty and prestige of the king.