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Sword-shaped Halberd Blade
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2022.12.06 09:03:22

Period: Warring States (475-221 BCE)
Measurements: L.30 cm, W. 22 cm
Provenance: Xiping County of Zhumadian in Henan in 1984

A combination of the shapes of sword and dagger axe. It has a sword-formed front part and the dagger axe shaped in the back part. Created by means of continuous casting, the weapon features a long spike with double sharp cutting edges, sharp Hu and Na parts, hence all the parts are lethal to enemies in battlefield. With an integration of properties of stabbing and hooking weapons, the present object bears the functions of the two types of weapons, combining the privileges of the two weapons in combat.

During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, halberd was not only large in number but also diverse in forms, sword-shaped halberd emerged as an innovative weapon in the late Warring States period, and was more advanced than the contemporaneous bronze halberds which were created with piece mold technique.