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Bronze Spearhead Carved with Name and Time of Zheng State
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2022.12.06 09:07:27

Period: Warring State Period (475--221 BCE)
Measurements: L.15.5 cm, W. 3.5 cm
Provenance: From the Weapon Hoard at Baimiaofan village, Xinzheng county, Zhengzhou, 1970

Overall, it is in the form of a willow leaf, but the  fracture surface in lozenge, the oval socket with a hole in the central part. The socket was carved with an inscription of 18 Chinese characters in three lines, suggesting the regime and casting time. Zheng Ling was the caster and supervisor of the weapon.

Zhenghan Gucheng(the Ruin of Zheng and Han States) was one of the prominent capitals of the vassal states in the Eastern Zhou period. During the Spring and Autumn period, Zheng state was established, and later, it was overthrown by the Han state, followed by the removal of the capital to the present location, which served as the capital of Zheng and Han states for as long as 539 years. The Baimiaofan bronze weapon hoard yielded more than 220 pieces of dagger-axe (Ge), spearhead, and sword attributed to the Warring States period, of which over 180 objects were carved with inscriptions, they are of important academic significance to the study on the foundry techniques and systems of the weaponry, military systems, regulations on arsenal in the Han state, as well as the historical geography and the writing scripts of the Warring State period.