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'Bao' zun (wine vessel)
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Early Western Zhou (c.11th century BC)
Height 24.5 cm, Mouth Diameter 18.5 cm
Purportedly excavated in Luoyang, Henan Province, 1948

The vessels body is cylindrical, with a flared mouth, a slight drum body, a round base, and a high, outwardly flared ring foot. The body features taotie designs set against thunder patterns. There is one band of pearl string pattern, and two concave bands of bowstring patterns on the top and bottom of the taotie design. On the base of the ring foot there is a 46-character inscription that roughly means: after Bao suppressed the rebellion by five feudal lords from Yindong by the order of the King of the Zhou, he was bestowed this great gift from the king. Bao used it as a ritual vessel in the sacrifices to his father: It was then employed to extract a pledge of loyalty from the surrounding area and for use in sacrifices to the King of the Zhou. Thus, this object is an invaluable piece of material evidence for research into the early history of the Western Zhou.