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Xuan Fu Zhi Yong Ge (axe)
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Warring States period(475--221 BC)
Length 22.5 cm, Blade Length 13.5 cm, Butt End Length 8.9 cm
Excavated at Nengzhuang, Xinzheng City, Henan Province, 1980

The blade of this ge is inclined upwards, with a sharp tip, a median ridge, and an elongated stem. There are four apertures between the stem and the banister. The butt end is rectangular, with a barbed hook on its lower portion. It has become blunted, and has a vertical aperture on its butt end. The butt end has matching bird pattern carvings on either face. There is also an inclining inscription in bird script of five characters, four of which read: Xuan Fu’s Use (Xuan Fuzhi yong玄肤之用); there is another character at the top of the base, near the upper banister which some people believe to read wang (king王) and others chang( to raise扬).