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Owl-shaped you (wine vessel)
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Shang dynasty (1600--1046 BC)

Height: 20 cm, 

Mouth length: 11.5 cm, 

Mouth width 12.5 cm

Excavated in Luoshan, province, 1980

Wine vessel, dating back to the late Shang dynasty (1400 BCE--1100 BCE).This You is embellished with the stylized ornament of “three-tiered flowers” prevailed in the late Shang dynasty, with ingenious design, intricate ornaments, and exquisite craftsmanship. The owl was deemed to be extremely important by the Yin(Shang) people. Mr. Ma Chengyuan argued “ the owl on the Shang bronze should be viewed as the God of War who represents prowess and has the ability to ward off the military casualties.