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Silver, gold and turquoise inlay square jian (water vessel also used as a mirror when full)
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Silver inlay lei(water vessel)decorated with lacquer-painted hydra patterns

Height 32 cm, Length of Mouth Sides 15.6 cm

Jian: Height 21.6 cm, Length of Mouth Sides 30.8 cm
Ladles: Length 43.7 cm

Excavated at Shancun Ling Sanmenxia, Henan Province, 1975

This jian is dou shaped, with a square mouth and short inward-curving neck. The sides of its body slant inwards towards the base of the vessel, supported by a square foot. The jian's four sides all feature dragon-shaped handles, with undulating bodies lying prostrate in an attitude resembling stretching forward towards water. The square sections on the outside of the vessel body feature square geometric pictures produced with gold and turquoise inlays.

The lei features a contracted mouth, a straight neck, broad shoulders, and a flat base supported by a square foot. The external sides of the body feature silver inlay in geometric patterns producing square sections, with the interior of each section decorated with hydra patterns. The external edge of the apex of the lid is cast in the shape of leaves. The lei also features black lacquer.

The ladles have long, thin handles with rings at their ends.

When excavated the lei was placed within the jian, with one of the ladles inside the lei, thus it could be observed that these objects were part of a set used for heating wine, or for keeping it cool.