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Seven Buddhist Figurines on the Sprig-like Pedestal
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.03.16 11:10:42

Measurements: W. 15.6 cm, H.12 cm
Period: The Northern and Southern Dynasty (420--589 CE)
Provenance: Discovered in Xixia county, Henan province, 1955

Seven Buddhist figurines sit cross-legged side by side on sprig-like nozzles, joint together as flower stems that form a trunk-like shaft in lieu of a pedestal. One central figurine is positioned slightly higher than the six others on both sides.

The Northern and Southern dynasties were the first thriving periods of Buddhism. Prevailing metaphysical teachings during the Wei to Jin period also gave rise to the widespread popularity of Buddhism. Thus, numerous temples were built across the country and as such, housed many monks who began constructing grandiose Buddhist cave-shrines. This artifact is but one example of the prevalence of Buddhism of the time.