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Fu Yi (‘Chen Zhao Zhu') jiao (wine vessel)
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Early Western Zhou (c.11th century BC)
Height 27cm
Excavated in Xinyang, Henan Province, 1986

Jiao are a kind of wine-drinking vessel, popular for only a brief period at the end of the Shang and the early Zhou. This vessel has a lid, with a half-ring-shaped knob at its apex. The vessel's mouth is olive shaped, with a deep body, a round base, and three pyramid feet.

There is an animal-head-shaded handle on the side of the vessel body, and decorative ridges on the sides of the body and lid. The object also features taotie designs on a backdrop of cloud and thunder patterns, while the neck and feet are decorated with banana leaf and cicada patterns, The insides of the body and lid feature matching inscriptions of 12 characters.

This jiao is ingeniously crafted, with a stunning form, fluent designs, and exquisite craftsmanship. It is a rare treasure among bronzes of this period.