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‘Madam Huang' yan-shaped he (wine vessel)
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Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC)
Height 18 cm, Mouth Diameter 11 cm
Excavated at the Huang Junmeng Couple's tomb, Baoxiang Si, Guang Shan, Henan Province, 1983

This vessel has a contracted mouth with a sharp rim, a flat lid, and a beast-tail handle Inside the vessel there is a circular and unpierced fu dish. Twelve characters in six lines are cast beneath the rim of the mouth.

The yan shape of this bronze vessel is exceptional; it reveals a new style of he from the southern region of the mid Spring and Autumn period. The Huang Junmeng Couples tomb is the most important Huang state tomb to have been discovered in recent times, providing invaluable material evidence for research into the history of the Huang state. Huang was a small state located in Jianghuai area. According to textual records, the Huang state of the Spring and Autumn period was located in modern day Huangchuan, Henan Province, and was destroyed by the Chu in 648 BC.