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Bronze Xu vessel
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Western Zhou dynasty

Height: 18.30 cm; 

Mouth length: 18 cm, 

Mouth width: 16 cm

Excavated from the tomb of the Guo state in Sanmenxia city in 1990

Grain container. Of oblong shape,it has a domed cover with four upright rectangular knobs which also serve as the foot when the cover is removed and placed upside down as another vessel.The Xu vessel has a fitting rim and slightly bulging belly, two animal head-shaped handles on the narrow sides. Inscriptions on the body and the cover state that the Xu vessel is Guo Ji’s personal possession.

The No.2001 tomb of the Guo state cemetery in Sanmenxia, the tomb occupant is distinguished Guo Ji, the monarch of the Guo State in the late Western Zhou. A large quantity of precious artifacts were discovered in his tomb, including bronze ritual music instruments, weapons, chariots and horses, and jade articles, attesting to the high status of the dead.