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Bronze Vessel He with Beast Mask Motif
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2022.08.31 17:08:07

Period: Shang dynasty(1600-1046 BCE)
Measurements: H.25 cm, L. 7cm

Provenance:Unearthed at Huangdian of Zhongmu county, Zhengzhou, 1974
Featuring a hemispherical cover from which rises a diagonally spout, and a square-round opening behind of it, the vessel rises on three udder-shaped legs with a handle attached on one of the legs. A band of beast mask motif was ornamented in the central part of the vessel.

Bronze He vessels were predominantly prevailed during Shang and Zhou times. Those of Shang period are mostly hollow-legged, with the spout stands on the cover; whereas most of the He vessels the Zhou dynasty are characterized by four legs, normally with a loop handle. He vessels were made for warming and mixing wines, the hollow legs facilitated warming wines, mixing wines was meant to mitigate the intensity of the wine.