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"Prince Wu" Ding
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"Prince Wu" Ding (withspoon)


Spring and Autumn Period 770-476B.C.

Unearthed at Xichuan,Henan

Height: 62cm

Mouth diameter: 62cm

Ding ,food container, often comes with spoon. The spoon has a long handleand a sharp tip, and is used for picking meat out of the foodvessel.

Prince Wu was the son of KingZhuang of the Chu state. The inscription in the lid and on theinside of the vessel consists of 83 characters, and says that"Prince Wu casts this food vessel for offering sacrifices to ourancestor and for swearing ceremonies of forming alliance. Becauseof my benevolent rule, I am loved and respected by all the peopleof the Chu State. It is hoped that the later generations willregard this as the standard of their conduct andbehaviour."