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Celadon Jade Hilt
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2022.01.25 11:59:28

Measurements: End width 2.8 cm, Middle Width 2.1, Thickness 0.5 cm
Period: Spring and Autumn Period (770--476 BCE)
Provenance: Unearthed in tomb M10 at Xiasi, Xichuan county, 1978.

The blade has decomposed due to corrosion, and its hilt is made of celadon jade, resembling the hilt (without guard) of another example. It is embellished with symmetrical and cloud patterns.

Being one of the weapons, the dagger is also viewed as a short sword, and falls into the category of melee weapons. In the chapter, Biographies of the Assassins of the Records of the Grand Historian, the assassin Jing Ke, stabbed the King of Qin state with a dagger. As only a few numbers of daggers were archaeologically found, the present one is presumably the weapon carried with the tomb occupant. The celadon jade hilt, an embodiment of the jade consumption rules of the age, also indicate his high status.