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Ivory radish
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Qing dynasty (AD 1616-1911)
Length 27 cm

Acquired from another collection

This piece is made of carved ivory. The transition in colouration of this work is very natural, beginning with red at the top, gradually turning pink in the midsection, and eventually turning white at the tip. The mid and lower section of the radish has nine hairy roots.the follicles from which they grow clearly depicted. The two roots closest to the tip also display a natural curvature. The red stem and green leaves at the top end of the radish are completely true to life. A green long-horned grasshopper has been carved at the point where the stem and leaves meet the flesh of the radish. The insect has two round eyes, a drum body and short folded wings, and is climbing down the radish. It appears curious about its surroundings with two hairy antennae pointed down below its mouth, it appears as if alive and in motion.

The skilled and meticulous carving of this ivory radish are strongly indicative of a realist style -a most beautiful work of ivory carving.