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Pattra-leaf Sanskrit Buddhist manuscript
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.05.14 17:38:56

Period: Tang dynasty (618--907 CE)
Measurements: L.50 cm, W. 5.8 cm
Provenance: Gift from a collector

Sanskrit is the classic language of India. Hinduism believe that it was created by Brahma, the god of creation, so it is called Sanskrit, and it is one of the oldest languages in the Indo-European language family, and also it has exerted a great influence on the Sino-Tibetan language family. The manuscripts wrote on the pattra-leafs, originated in ancient India, are largely from the Buddhist classics and Sanskrit texts.

With a history of more than 2500 years, the manuscripts on the pattra-leaf are an important original material for the study of ancient Tibetan culture, language, and religious art, bearing extremely high values in cultural heritages.